Little Beginners

AGES 1- 2 years old

The children social, emotional and physical independent are built. the children scribble with crayons and identify everyday objects. Picture reading is introduced. this is to help their develop their language and cognitive skills.

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Terrific Twos

AGES 2 - 3 Years

The children skills are still developing, improving their hand – eye coordination and fine motor skills. We use  Montessori methods for their pincer grips. Identifying, counting, tracing and writing of single jolly phonics sounds and numbers are introduced.  Also telling stories, creative Art, science and sensory exploration are part of their activities.

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Great Discoverers

AGES 3 - 4 Years

Children are introduced to creative writing with pictures, blending of 3 to 4 letter words, can identify all the sounds and associate them with objects. Mathematics skills and learning of tricky words are developed. The children’s social and emotional development are increased in both areas of independence and socializing. The curriculum build the children’s confidence giving them activities that will help them become life long learners.

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Little Scholars

AGES 4 - 5 Years

The children are prepared for primary school. Reading stories books, creative writing, grammar and mathematics skills are enhanced for the next class.